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Is Retail Pharmacy Right for Me?

Posted in Rx Career Tips

Most of us are familiar with the drugstore pharmacist. We see them whenever we get a prescription filled, standing behind the counter amid racks of vials, bottles and bags. If...
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Mentoring New Pharmacists

Posted in Rx Career Tips

Mentoring is an informal relationship between a senior member of the pharmacy profession and someone who is new to the profession. The role of the mentor is to help guide...
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What is Nuclear Pharmacy?

Posted in Rx Career Tips, Pharmacy Industry News

Nuclear pharmacy is a specialization within the field of pharmacy that focuses on the compounding and dispensing of radioactive substances. These substances are used in nuclear medicine. In the field...
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Help Your Friends. Get Paid. It's That Simple!

Posted in Rx Career Tips, Rx News, Pharmacy Recruiting

Do you know someone who dreads heading into work each and every day? We can help you, help them. And best of all, you’ll get rewarded too! If you know...
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