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Study Shows That Ibuprofen Could Reduce Smokers’ Risk of Death

Posted in Patient Education, Rx News

If you are a smoker, you may want to consider taking ibuprofen on a regular basis. Short of quitting smoking entirely, taking the anti-inflammatory drug has been found to appreciably...
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What Are Orphan Drugs and How Will They Affect You?

Posted in Rx News, Pharmacy Management Tips

They are called orphan drugs, and they are used to treat rare medical conditions. Many more of these types of drugs are coming on the market because they generate a...
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Help Your Friends. Get Paid. It's That Simple!

Posted in Rx Career Tips, Rx News, Pharmacy Recruiting

Do you know someone who dreads heading into work each and every day? We can help you, help them. And best of all, you’ll get rewarded too! If you know...
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