Tips for Building Strong and Loyal Patient Relationships

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Pharmacist and patients


Many pharmacists believe that building good relationships with patients should be their top priority. It takes some time and effort, but it is worth it.


The recipe for building good relationships with patients is not that complicated. It is a matter of showing you care about them and respect them. People will respond if you show some empathy toward them.


Respect and empathy

Building a relationship begins with listening and making a sincere effort to understand patients’ concerns, without judging or being dismissive. Encourage them to express their concerns, fears and problems, so they can be addressed. You also need to acknowledge their feelings. Do not allow any personal biases to affect your interaction and respect the patient’s values and beliefs.


Empathy begins with active listening. This is done by taking the information given to you by the patient, summarizing what you have heard, and working to clarify any information that is confusing. This shows the patient you have heard what they are saying, and you understand their concerns.


Work to establish a decision-making process that is shared between you and the patient, making sure you give the patient all the information they need to make an informed decision, and accepting it even if you disagree with it.


Discuss medications

Surveys have shown that nearly half of all patients ask their physicians about alternative treatments during visits. Pharmacists give information to their patients by talking with them, listening to their concerns and even providing them with written information. According to surveys, half of all patients have trouble paying for their medications. So, another way to build a strong relationship is to take the time and effort to understand the patient’s situation.


In sum, showing compassion, taking the time to understand the patient and their needs, active listening, advising the patient and helping take care of their problems will go a long way toward establishing a strong relationship; one based on respect and trust.


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