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Angela Chandna Pootrakul, Pharm.D.

Angela Chandna Pootrakul, Pharm.D.

Senior Vice President, Southern California

I graduated from USC School of Pharmacy in 2002 with a Doctorate in Pharmacy. The inception of my pharmacy career began with Rx relief® after graduation, as the Regional Manager for Southern California and grew into my current position as the Regional Vice President, in 2007. My background as a pharmacist for almost 10 years, combined with my Real Estate management experience for over 15 years, has allowed me to effectively manage and create successful unions between our pharmacy professionals and client business/human resource needs.

The big picture

Rx relief® is an evolving, integral aspect of pharmacy and remains on the forefront of our ever changing profession. Our unrivaled focus and comprehensive understanding of pharmacy staffing allows us to successfully achieve our goals in providing staffing solutions for all pharmacy health care settings. We offer and create customized intrinsic, integrative, cost effective long-term human resource solutions for our myriad of clients, along with serving as personalized career consultants to our prospective pharmacy practice professionals engraving a positive impact on their career goals.

The scoop on staffing

Rx relief®'s platform is simply to match the right pharmacy personnel with the right pharmacy client. Simply stated, I am a Pharmacist that highly values our profession and understands the skill sets required to fulfill the human resource needs of our clients and pharmacy professionals.

Secrets to success

I always keep the big picture in mind. I constantly maintain a vision for today and tomorrow. I receive immense satisfaction from all of the people I interact with in all capacities. I feel a great sense of accomplishment in achieving all goals whether large
or small. It is my motto that one can be "either part of the problem or part of the solution." It is my personal and professional goal to ALWAYS be a part of the solution.

Stress relief

Feeling a great sense of satisfaction when mutual goals are accomplished whether personal or professional. Spending time with my wonderful, loving family, shopping, pilates, weekend getaways and traveling to exotic places.