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Carl Franklin, RPH

Carl Franklin, RPH

Senior Advisor, Emeritus

I have been a Pharmacist for 35 years. Having practical working experience in nearly every pharmacy practice setting, I am familiar with the skills needed for a successful match; from the client, to the pharmacy professional’s point of view. My experience as a Pharmacist, Pharmacy Manager, Chief Pharmacist, and Pharmacy Owner gives me special insight into the profession that most staffing companies do not have. I am able to better understand the needs of each practice setting, to then go out and find the talent required. As a seasoned Pharmacist, I have a vested interest in the success of our placements, to ensure Rx relief® provides value for our clients, our pharmacy professionals, and the profession as a whole.

The big picture

Rx relief® is a viable and integral part of pharmacy. Our goal for pharmacy is to show value in the form of productivity, professionalism, clinical cognizance, and cost-effectiveness. We are problem solvers for the profession; always keeping pharmacy top of mind. Our goal for pharmacy professionals is to serve as career consultants, showing value by connecting pharmacy professionals with intriguing and challenging opportunities throughout the profession. Rx relief® is the expert in providing staffing solutions for pharmacies as well as career challenges and choices for Pharmacists and Technicians.

The scoop on staffing

Rx relief®’s philosophy is, “Good, competent Pharmacists always work”; and Rx relief® is always looking to place them. We have placed thousands of Pharmacists and Technicians in dispensing and health-systems facilities. Because our company is managed by Pharmacists, we understand the practice settings, and the skill sets required, and we know how to match the right pharmacy professional with the right pharmacy. We are the experts. We recognize the value of a Pharmacist’ and Technician’s knowledge and experience, and through our network of Directors, Managers and Supervisors, we know how to present their value to those facilities that can appreciate them.

Secrets to success

My secrets to success surround my desire to move the profession forward. Everything I do is centered around growing the profession of pharmacy and being respected as true members of the healthcare team. Because our management team consists of over 60 years of Pharmacist’ experience, we have a vested interest in the success of our clients. At Rx relief® we are extremely proud of the way we do business. We operate with integrity, honesty and we get gratification when the right placement is made.


Stress relief

To relieve stress, I like to spend time with my family; enjoying family get-togethers and Sunday dinners. I also enjoy spending quality time with friends and family on the golf course. This is very relaxing for me, to spend four hours on the course with people I enjoy. I also get more strokes per dollar than anyone I know. Probably my most favorite stress reliever is traveling internationally. I am intrigued by the culture and lifestyles of people in other countries; and when I travel, I try to be as local as possible to really get a feel for the culture. I also enjoy the game of chess. Stress relief is also solving staffing problems for clients and serving as a career consultant to hundreds of pharmacy professionals every year.